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Proven Academic & Admissions Success

By creating custom roadmaps and personalized strategies, not only are we crafting a stronger application, we are also crafting more authentic people, which is what schools and universities ultimately look for.

Personalized Approach

We don't believe in cookie-cutter approaches. We'll take the time to get to know you and work with you to develop a strategy that highlights your unique traits.

Admission Assistance

Our counselors know the ins and outs of selective college admissions. We leverage that inside information to guide you through the admissions process. 


We're not just here to help you fill out an application. We are committed to crafting authentic individuals who have what it takes to create impact within their field.

What our clients say about us

I primarily wanted help with my college essays, but my PCC counselor did more than that. He strengthened my entire application to become very presentable before any college admissions committee. He worked with me around the clock, and made himself available whenever I needed him. If I was not a PCC client, I would not be attending one of my top-choice colleges in the Fall and my essays and application would be sub-par. All in all, I highly recommend Princeton College Consulting because working with them will indefinitely increase your odds at attending your dream school.

A. Gangwani, Student Attending the University of Michigan

Thank you so much for all you have done over the past three years. Your guidance and patience helped transform me and my family from clueless and concerned to confident, college ready individuals – and for that I could not be more grateful. I truly appreciate all the time and effort that you put into reading essays and resumes, talking me through the process, and just helping me feel comfortable hitting the “submit” button. I know I wasn’t always the best client and that at times I needed to be helped back on track, which you always accomplished, not by yelling but rather, by encouraging and motivating me. It was always a pleasure being able to talk with you and navigate the vast college landscape. Through minor digressions and sidebars I feel that I gained a true mentor and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ll be sure to keep in touch next year and update you on NYU Stern and all the crazy things that will inevitably happen in the city. Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true and preparing me for the next chapter in life.

Carter A. Student Attending NYU Stern

Finding schools that are a great fit for your child can be difficult; charting a course of action to get them there, even more so. Princeton College Consulting helped to remove anxiety from the process, and replaced it with a targeted plan and prescriptive action steps to navigate us through both the college admissions and athletic recruiting process. Our son " bought in" immediately - a real testament to the PCC team. They knew exactly how much he could handle, while taking a full complement of AP classes and playing a competitive sport year-round. It was important to us to stay connected to the process. Princeton College Consulting did a great job accommodating this; every call was either taken or returned and every question comprehensively answered. Most importantly, it's effective - our son will be attending NYU Stern this fall and playing soccer for "the Cats". Princeton College Consulting was a great investment in our family's future - we would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jason and Traci A. Parents of Student Attending NYU

Princeton College Consulting offered invaluable advice and strategies throughout the college application process. The opportunity to discuss ideas with an experienced counselor helped me develop essays that were personal, intellectually complex, and unique. I would highly recommend their services for students seeking guidance on their college applications.

N. Shankar, Student Attending Princeton University

My PCC counselor was very proactive and detail oriented. He helped me look into the depth of academic programs and create an effective brand for myself.

A. Hassonjee, Student Attending Syracuse University

I highly recommend Princeton College Consulting. I chose them on my own when I realized my school counselors weren't very helpful. My counselor showed me a lot of schools that I didn't know much about and I ended up applying to most of them. The net result couldn't have been better, now I am in a top-tier school in my subject. I have to thank her for that. She has the power to change lives! :)

Abner P., Student Attending University of Southern California

I could not imagine going through the college admission process without Princeton College Consulting. Whether it was deciding what colleges to apply to, writing essays, or deciding what college is the best fit for me. The college admission process can be grueling but because of PCC I finished everything well before the application deadlines. Looking back, I do not remember ever being stressed or anxious. Hiring Princeton College Consulting was the best decision I have ever made! I got into schools I could never have without the guidance of PCC. At Princeton College Consulting you get more than what you pay for, and I am so grateful to have found Princeton College Consulting and an admission counselor who was so committed to my success. I highly recommend them to anyone entering the college admission process!

Ayshwarya M., Student Attending New York University

My wife and I wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into our son’s application process. Your insight and professionalism turned a chaotic, emotional quagmire into an organized, efficient goal-oriented process. We were all very lucky to find you... PCC seemed more professional than the other services out there and it clearly is. We will be in touch to discuss our younger son’s college options and then soon after, our last daughter will start working with you.

Dr. S. Smith, Parent of Student Attending the University of Virginia

Working with my Princeton College Consulting counselor was a personal and fascinating journey, not a mechanical college application program. I believe that the essence of applying and eventually going to university is discovering self-identity and self-worth, and trusting myself with my ability to achieve what I set out to do. And I can’t think of or ask for a better experience of being very firmly supported by my counselor without being overwhelmed.

M. Peng, Student Attending Syracuse University (Newhouse / Whitman dual degree)

We used Princeton College Consulting last year when our son was a senior. We were told college application was a complicated process, so my wife and I decided to find a counselor to guide our son. In the process, we learned that there were so many things to do in college application. Our counselor, helped us design an extensive schedule, covering everything from college tours, college selection, essay composition, all the way to college interview preparation. This schedule gave us a peace of mind without worrying that we would miss anything. Our counselor was very reachable, whenever we sent him email with questions, we always get quick responses. With his help , my son got into his first choice of college, Brown University. We were so happy with the result.

Michael D, Parent of Student Attending Brown University

Thank you again for your brilliant editing, your insightfulness, your responsiveness, your patience and your incredible kindness.

Mohinder S, Student Attending New York University

Princeton College Consulting was so helpful during my college application process. I was completely overwhelmed, but my counselor helped me to get everything organized and under control. She read over and gave feedback on my essays, proofread my application, and helped to make sure I felt confident with the list of schools I applied to. She even organized all important deadlines for each school and a timeline of when everything should be done, which was so helpful for me. On top of this she was extremely kind and patient. I am so grateful for all of her help!

Roni B., Student Attending University of Washington

My PCC counselor made me comfortable with the graduate school admissions process and helped me put my best foot forward.

S. Wu, Student Attending Stanford University

I loved working with Princeton College Consulting. I had friends who worked with other counselors who were discouraged about the schools they were applying to, but my counselor was always very supportive of me while still being realistic about what I should be looking for. My counselor met with me personally, helped me fill out applications, reviewed my essays and even gave me a daily schedule for applying to schools. I couldn't recommend anyone else. I was admitted to my top choice college and I owe it all to my PCC counselor!!

Selena R., Student Attending Chapman University

Working with Princeton College Consulting made the college application process so much less stressful and more efficient. My counselors were very knowledgeable about colleges and kept a close eye on my progress. We met a lot and they were always flexible with my schedule. The most helpful part to me was that my counselor guided me through the essay topics when sometimes I wasn’t even sure where to begin. The continuing conversation between my counselor and I inspired my ideas and writing. I am so happy I had their help!

Y. Zhang, Student Attending the University of Rochester

They pushed me to think harder about myself and what I most want out of college and life. They also helped me see my writing from the admissions committee’s perspective and be patient throughout the process.

Student Admitted to the University of Chicago

Princeton College Consulting was a valuable ally for my daughter as she navigated the college application process. The process is complex and having them there, to guide and support my daughter gave me tremendous peace of mind. They took the time to find out what type of person my daughter was, what type of student she was and where her interests might someday lead her. With so many colleges to consider, that personal involvement and relationship helped guide her towards the right college fit for her. They were there for her through the entire process, from test prep, to help on her essay and keeping her on schedule. Princeton College Consulting was truly money very well spent.

B. Lynch, Parent of Student Princeton, NJ

Princeton College Consulting was extremely helpful with my daughters college selection/application process. Taking my daughter’s record, values and and goals in to account, they helped her find multiple schools that were a great fit for her and our family. They are knowledgeable about the process and helped us understand the probability of admission at all the schools on her list and how to increase it as much as possible. Their service is a good value and I recommend it for other students and families going through the college admission process.

Parent of Student Attending Georgetown

I hired Princeton College Consulting to help my son, a high school senior, go through both the recruitment and application process.They got right to it and had my son on track immediately. He started his essay and had it completed within two weeks (when I read it I was pleasantly surprised). They helped us understand the schools where he was the best fit athletically and academically and go through the process of getting on those coach’s radar. He was recruited and accepted to his first three choices including Trinity which we would not have thought about without them. I highly recommend Princeton College Consulting to anyone who has a child, athlete or not, who is going to go to college . I know they eased MY stress during the year which was great. I didn’t have to worry if my son was communicating with all the coaches or finishing his applications. I wish we hired them earlier.

Parent of Student Athlete Attending Trinity University

Princeton College Consulting is awesome! I cannot thank them enough for all their help. I feel lucky that I was able to have counselors throughout much of high school that were so knowledgeable, supportive and creative.

Student Admitted to Swarthmore College